Farmers Coin

Farco Barter

Farmers Coin will develop a digital barter system using Farco as its own baby tool. The application of Farcobart will be done in a special community and only applicable in the community. For now the features or functions of this Farcobart still we have not published in mass because we are still focused on the development of farmers Community Farco.

If there is no interference or constraint, we plan to start developing this Farco Barter function after the official Farco trading market is opened. That means we are still waiting for the achievement of 1 million farco embedded. When this Farco payment function or feature is opened, we will first apply it to certain groups that we will choose according to the criteria that we will set.

The application of the function of Farcobart is part of the efforts to increase the value of the function of FARCO assets in the future. With this function is expected that each FARCO asset holder will increasingly believe the future of the assets that they strive for.

Some communities that will target the use of Farcobart are the community of students, industry, community organizations, etc.

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