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Farco will be much better than bitcoin

by : Farco Team         | News Farmers Coin

If we see how Bitcoin grows, it is amazing that the price of bitcoin continues to increase over time. Imagine that the price of bitcoin that originally only 100 rupiah can now be hundreds of millions of rupiah. It may sound naïve when I say that farmers coin will be better than Bitcoin as it is currently the beginning for farmers coins to be known by the wider community.

Bitcoin with its mining mechanism will generate 21 million bitcoins until the year 2140. Bitcoin also implements a halfing mechanism in its mining process. Farmers coin is different from Bitcoin, which is precisely implementing the mechanism of digital farming with the maximum amount that can be planted is only 60 million Farco.

To be able to plant Farco, one must buy Farco seeds to the Farco farmers who already have the harvest and bonus results. Without buying to farmers, there will be no farco that can be used as a seed. The Farco System is specifically designed not to provide farco seedlings in the future. The Farco System only provides early seedlings as much as 1 million Farco and has been sold to buyers during the Initial Coin Offering “ICO”.

Some of the reasons that will make farmers coin will be better than Bitcoin include :

  1. Farmers coin uses a more economical digital farming mechanism in the production process
  2. Farmers coin can be produced by everyone because to be producer Farco does not require quite expensive cost
  3. Farmers coin is built with the spirit of togetherness and every holder of the Farco asset is a person who has a high awareness of the future of a crypto asset
  4. Farmers Coin focuses on establishing a large community this early in time. Farco is really learning from other coins that first exist as well as seeing various factoring that make other coins become garbage in the trading market
  5. Farmer coin not only create digital asset but also build function value over the Farco asset that will be positive in future development
  6. Farco moves slowly but surely and will continue to spread to various parts of the world in unique ways
  7. Farmers coin Community will be much more militant than other coin community. This is due to the difficulty of obtaining farmers coin crops and the proper education of crypto-asset formation
  8. Semakin banyak petani farmers coin, maka semakin sedikit stok farco yang beredar dipasar dan ini akan membuat harga farco mengalami kenaikan secara signifikan
  9. The more expensive the Farco price in the trading market, the less the ability of farmers farco in planting farco seeds and this means there will be fewer crops available at the time
  10. There are many other factors that make the reason that farmers coin will be better than Bitcoin in the future and all depend heavily on the strength of the farmers coin community that will continue to be built into the best crypto community

Until now the development of farmers coin is very good and the developer team will continue to strive for maximum performance to be able to build shared assets according to the motto of farmers coin that is created and enjoyed together.

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