Farmers Coin

Together Creating Future Digital Asset

Create your success from now on by becoming part of the formation of farco digital assets. Farco can be planted and grown like a plant and easily sold

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Farco Initial Coin Offering Moment

Minimum purchase is 1.000 FRC

Minimum purchase is 500 FRC

How To Produce Farco Assets

choose farco1

1. Rent Farco Block

Choose the farco block that suits your needs. Each block has a different seed capacity

plant farco2

2. Planting farco Seeds

Plant your farco seeds and control your farco blocks from anywhere in the world

harvest farco3

3. Enjoy Your Benefits

Enjoy your harvest. You can save farco for the future or you can sell it in the trading market

Farmers Coin is supported by

"Farco is a digital asset that was created in a spirit of togetherness and is expected to provide many benefits for its users. Farco is smart digital farmer assets"
Ari Choirul Anwar
Creator Of Farmers Coin
“Being a Farco farmer will really give you a very big profit. Increasing the value of Farco is very predictable and the Farco system is truly sophisticated"
Co Founder Of Farmers Coin

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One-Stop Mobile Application


Producing new farco by planting farco seeds and managing your farco block


Use farco to transact various purposes such as pulses and electricity tokens


Trade farco on the trading market and connect with world markets


Save your farco assets because Farco continues to experience price increases

Business Plan

Farco is the road to success

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4 Mobile Apps For Farmers Coin

Get More Farco Bonuses When You Are Active

Supply Of Farco

Maximum Planting

The maximum number of seeds that can be planted by farmers in the world

Maximum Supply

The maximum amount of farco that will circulate throughout the world network

Farmers Coin Global Distribution

Farmers Coin Planted Programes

Farco Digital Barter

if you live in Indonesia, you can use Farco for various barters



Electricity Pulse

TV Cable

Top Up Balance

Internet Package

SMS Package


Voucher Game



Public Utillity

Special For Farmers

Launching Trading And Marketplace



Farmers Coin

How To Start Farco Farming

Meet your referral

Immediately contact your referral and dialogue with him and ask him the next step

Create Farco Wallet

Create your wallet account so that your sponsor can easily register in the farco system

Start farming

Congratulations..! You are registered as a Farco farmer and you will start enjoying the harvest every day

Active Plan Business of farco

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Careful Planning Farco Development

January 2020

Prime farco seed planting and public promotion

December 2021

Farco market expansion worldwide

September 2022

Opening of the trade market

December 2022

Opening of the community marketplace

Choose the perfect plan

You can choose the best package that we provide. These 3 packages are the best choice







Choose the perfect plan

You can choose the best package that we provide. These 3 packages are the best choice







Enjoy Benefits When There Is An Increase In Your Farco Assets

Frequently asked questions

Farco is very safe because the financial flow of farmers who join the Farco system is not centralized. The system only gets block rental fees
Farco was created with the power of a community that has the awareness to own Farco’s assets together so that every Farco holder is a driver of Farco’s own future
You can buy farco seeds to farmers or buy at the trade market. The money you spend on buying seeds is 100% owned by the seed seller and is not handed over to the farco system
Farco is currently focused on forming communities and has not yet entered the world market because the key to forming crypto assets is the existence of militant communities. If that can be achieved, the world market will approach Farco and not vice versa
You can sell farco to new farmers, fellow farmers, trading markets and farco asset holders. Farco can also be used as a payment tool if you live in Indonesia. You can use Farco to buy pulse, electricity tokens, pay bills, etc.


"I suffered a lot of losses due to crypto currency and recently with Farco I experienced significant profits. Farco made me realize the importance of community strength"
Hilary Leigh
"The Farco system is indeed amazing, I can make transactions very easily and only use a smartphone. This is a miracle in the crypto world"
Christine Clark
"Farco changed my perspective on crypto. Many people mistakenly looked at crypto and now everything is open after I became a Farco farmer. Now I am sure that farco is the road to success"
Quintin Angus
"I am very sure that farco is the bitcoin of the future because the farco system is very sophisticated and can be the road to success"
Jillie Tempest

6 ease Of farming farco

Get 6 ease if you become a Farco farmer. The best business is one that is able to survive in the long run and is easily managed

Time Management

You can operate the Farco business flexibly without taking up time
can be anytime

Business Locations

The Farco system can be run anywhere in the world
can be anywhere

Business Budget

The cost to run a farco business is very affordable and a definite bonus
Definite Bonus

Online marketing

Farco can be marketed through online and without carrying a product
online promotions

Registration Member

To register new members is very easy and with various package options
easy Registration

Validity Period

Farco’s business was established for the long term and for a lifetime
Long Time Business

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